Featuring: Alessia Petitto, Rome

"‘Resonance’ is my key word in this job."

Featuring: Pamela Grimaud, Montreal

"It felt like the natural culmination of all my past interests and jobs."

Featuring: Juan Bello, Canada / Latin America

"I believe that working with archives requires a strong passion component."

Featuring: Lily Yudinsky, Tel Aviv

"In a small country (...) home movies become the best and most creative solution to archival needs."

Featuring: Lisa Savage, Sydney

"Researchers with pre-internet experience (...) know how to think out of the box."

Featuring: Mauro Tonini, Venice

"Researchers should be recognized as cross- disciplinary, and a guarantee for quality in the media industry."

Featuring: Laura Tusi, Buenos Aires

"It’s very interesting to look for things in the trash bin."

Featuring: Mahawish Rezvi, Karachi

"This is a very exciting time to be in the media industry in Pakistan. Stories are abundant ..."

Featuring: Shimaa Elsawaby, Cairo

"I worked for many films about international affairs like the most famous speeches ..."

Featuring: Tamsyn van Gelderen, Johannesburg

"With wildlife (...) you rarely get that second take if you miss the first one."

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