Eight Days a Week: An Interview with Matt White

Ahead of this year’s edition of Sunny Side of the Doc focused on history, we caught up with Matt White to talk about his experience preserving and film and his epic archive research work on “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week.”

Illustrating the Archive: Didier Lefèvre and ‘The Photographer’

Archives in Motion pays tribute to Didier Lefèvre, photojournalist and co-author of ‘The Photographer’ (2003-06). The graphic novel, that includes numerous photos from Lefèvre's Afghanistan archives, won the Essentials of Angoulême award in 2007, several days before Lefèvre passed away.

Recreating the Trial of the Century: O.J. Simpson

Film director Ezra Edelman revamps "The Trial of the Century" in his fresh documentary "O.J.: Made in America".

Featuring: Sanja Göhre, Johannesburg

"Persistence and passion (...) are absolutely essential and needed in packets for any researcher to find the right video clip, photo or document."

Unearthing the Past: When Exceptionally Rare Photographs and Footage of Renowned People Resurface

From notorious Wild West legend Billy the Kid to diarist and war martyr Anne Frank, discover outstanding archive footage and tintypes of people who made history.

The Human Side of the Doc Market: An Interview with Sunny Side’s Irem Couchouron

"We’ve expanded (...) to encourage the circulation of projects and films to emerging markets - and to bring fresh new stories from these countries to the heart of Europe."

Archive Valley Partners with Sunny Side of the Doc!

At Archive Valley, we're pleased to announce our partnership with Sunny Side of the Doc for their 2017 edition under the theme 'Historic'!

Bridging Past and Future: An Interview with Archive Valley CEO Melanie Rozencwajg

"Out there, hundreds of unique collections remain dormant or are only known by a few and we wanted to give them the visibility they deserve."

How to Build a Home Movie Empire: Interview with FootageForPro’s Daniele Carrer

"Home movies are real life, they are like YouTube videos decades before YouTube was invented."

‘Stranger Fruit’: How New Footage Changed a Narrative

Filmmaker Jason Pollock drops hidden footage and shocks the world at SXSW

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