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Ferrari: Race to Immortality

Rare Archives Bring Ferrari Film to Life

UK archive researcher and Archive Valley member Richard Wiseman shares the new trailer for one of his latest projects and a word about finding footage from new sources to help tell the story.

A “Long Strange Trip” with Archival Producers Annie Salsich & Jim McDonnell

Deadheads, Acid Tests, Footage Finds, and Jerry Garcia; The Making of "Long Strange Trip"

70th Anniversary: The Cannes Film Festival Celebrates its History

For the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, the selection Cannes Classics will broadcast original documentaries and sixteen classic films that have marked the history of the Festival as well as of cinema.

‘I Am Not Your Negro,’ Archive Footage and Race in America

Raoul Peck revisits James Baldwin’s writings through archive footage and stills in the Oscar-nominated documentary 'I Am Not Your Negro'.

De-classified: Nuclear Test Footage and Our Dangerous Past

From 1945 to 1962 the American government detonated more than 210 nuclear bombs while cameras captured each test explosion at nearly 2,400 frames per second. Since the legislative halt of atmospheric testing in 1963, 6,500 out of an estimated 10,000 films have been located with 4,200 scanned and now 750 declassified.  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ...

Tribeca Film Festival Announces 2017 Documentary Lineup

Tribeca 2017's Spotlight Documentary program kicks off with the world premiere of LA 92 and a slate of documentary films aimed at raising environmental awareness.

Eight Days a Week: An Interview with Matt White

Ahead of this year’s edition of Sunny Side of the Doc focused on history, we caught up with Matt White to talk about his experience preserving and film and his epic archive research work on “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week.”

Illustrating the Archive: Didier Lefèvre and ‘The Photographer’

Archives in Motion pays tribute to Didier Lefèvre, photojournalist and co-author of ‘The Photographer’ (2003-06). The graphic novel, that includes numerous photos from Lefèvre's Afghanistan archives, won the Essentials of Angoulême award in 2007, several days before Lefèvre passed away.

Recreating the Trial of the Century: O.J. Simpson

Film director Ezra Edelman revamps "The Trial of the Century" in his fresh documentary "O.J.: Made in America".

Unearthing the Past: When Exceptionally Rare Photographs and Footage of Renowned People Resurface

From notorious Wild West legend Billy the Kid to diarist and war martyr Anne Frank, discover outstanding archive footage and tintypes of people who made history.