Category: Archive Valley

Four ‘Historic!’ Days at the Documentary Market #SSD17

A retrospective on the 'Historic!' four-day program of the 28th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc.

“Josephine Baker: An American in Paris” wins Archive Valley Prize at #SSD17

Ilana Navaro and Kepler 22 productions take home the first annual Archive Valley Prize for their historical documentary pitch.

The Summer of Archives: An Update from Archive Valley

Catch up with the latest news from Archive Valley as we prepare to head down to La Rochelle for Sunny Side of the Doc 2017.

Archive Valley Partners with Sunny Side of the Doc!

At Archive Valley, we're pleased to announce our partnership with Sunny Side of the Doc for their 2017 edition under the theme 'Historic'!

Bridging Past and Future: An Interview with Archive Valley CEO Melanie Rozencwajg

"Out there, hundreds of unique collections remain dormant or are only known by a few and we wanted to give them the visibility they deserve."