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Ferrari: Race to Immortality

Rare Archives Bring Ferrari Film to Life

UK archive researcher and Archive Valley member Richard Wiseman shares the new trailer for one of his latest projects and a word about finding footage from new sources to help tell the story.

Berlin wall - rbb media archives - footage berlin.

‘footage berlin’: Bridging East and West, Past and Present through Archives

rbb media gives us a look inside their 'footage berlin' archive and talks with us about the importance of footage licensing requests in the way archives market and preserve their collections.

A “Long Strange Trip” with Archival Producers Annie Salsich & Jim McDonnell

Deadheads, Acid Tests, Footage Finds, and Jerry Garcia; The Making of "Long Strange Trip"

Juliette Fattal: Stepping into the Archive Industry

Juliette Fattal shares her two-month experience as a freelance archive researcher with the French production company Drôle de Trame.

Four ‘Historic!’ Days at the Documentary Market #SSD17

A retrospective on the 'Historic!' four-day program of the 28th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc.

Featuring: Matthew Fisher, Miami

"I find that building relationships is key when you often operate in a very small sphere."

“Josephine Baker: An American in Paris” wins Archive Valley Prize at #SSD17

Ilana Navaro and Kepler 22 productions take home the first annual Archive Valley Prize for their historical documentary pitch.

Featuring: James McDonald, London

"We finally tracked down the only known footage on one of the bands appearing on Rhodesian Television."

Featuring: Marianna Yarovskaya, Los Angeles

"The better your research, the better your non-fiction film will be."

Featuring: Matthew Sanger, London

"I also like a project that pushes you to rethink how you work."