Featuring: Matthew Fisher, Miami

"I find that building relationships is key when you often operate in a very small sphere."

Featuring: James McDonald, London

"We finally tracked down the only known footage on one of the bands appearing on Rhodesian Television."

Featuring: Marianna Yarovskaya, Los Angeles

"The better your research, the better your non-fiction film will be."

Featuring: Matthew Sanger, London

"I also like a project that pushes you to rethink how you work."

Featuring: Montserrat Bailac, Barcelona

"(...) you may only find it abroad especially if you are looking for the non "official" version."

The Summer of Archives: An Update from Archive Valley

Catch up with the latest news from Archive Valley as we prepare to head down to La Rochelle for Sunny Side of the Doc 2017.

Featuring: Jim Anderson, Manchester

"UGC may take over from traditional archives. It’s a great alternative for productions with small budgets!"

Featuring: Alba Toajas, Madrid

"Research, documentation and cinema: the perfect combination, I love my job!"

70th Anniversary: The Cannes Film Festival Celebrates its History

For the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, the selection Cannes Classics will broadcast original documentaries and sixteen classic films that have marked the history of the Festival as well as of cinema.

Featuring: Sebastian Claesson, Malmö

"There’s so many skilled people that are willing to help out and make their archives visible and useful."

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